Design & Construction (Under Construction)

Lets get started thinking about the location of a water garden. I usually get a picture in my mind when I see a property, that cries out to me(Put it Here). Before I forget it, Aquascape Inc.has been a source of materials and supplies in the earlier years. I now use Fourth Generation Nurseryprimarily for materials and water garden plants.Let’s get back to location……The ideal location is where you will enjoy the pond, stream and falls. Usually the back yard is area that you will be able to see the most. If you have a slope that is viewedfrom the house that’s where to start.


Water fall


Plants in the pond

Plants around your pond….. One of the best places to check out plants is Weston Nurseries. I get most of my plants at Shrubs and Trees, Cavicchio’s, and Shemin’s.

David Vernon Sibel Sr. 2017