About me

David V. Sibel Sr.

100 Powdermill Rd. Suite 231

Acton, MA 01720-5932

Phone: Google Voice978-993-0102

Email: dvsibel@gmail.com

Skill or specialty:In business since 1958. Prior owner of Green Acre Landscaping Inc. which I sold in 1996. Since then I've owned Water Features as sole proprietor. I mainly do water garden maintenance, but will do design and construction of water features. Although my prime interest is in the water garden area, I still do some landscape design, troubleshooting, and construction as well as pruning.

Years of experience:57+

A Bit of History

Born in Concord MA

Educated in Acton at Acton Boxboro High School

1958 Graduated from Stockbridge School of Agriculture

Married 1957 and 1958 (Eloped in“57”)

Started Green Acre Lanscaping Inc. in June of 1958

Became a father in November of 1958

Drafted in 1958….Joined National Guard….Became Tank Commander... Served 6 years.

With Green Acre Land, I started out doing maintenance primarily. Later evolved into a full service company, including design andmaintenance and construction. Started doing water garden work in the latter part of 1962. Did little water garden work until the“80’s” when kits were made available. From then on, water garden design and construction became a larger percentage of our work. At one point I employed 12 people, but settled on 5-6 employee, plus myself. That number was easier to manage. After I sold GAL in 1996, I retired (sort of) for a few years, moving to Antigua, West Indies where I managed 2 apartments that we owned, on the water (Antigua Apartments) We had purchased 2 of the apartments in 1990, adding the 3rd after a hurricane destroyed much of the building in 1995. We lived in the 3rd apartment right on the beach. At that time I was still doing watergarden construction at a 5 star hotel constructed around a restaurant. This was the largest I had ever constructed, being 77’ by 77’. 911 decreased our rental business by roughly 80%, mainly because of the fear of flying at that time. At the same time, the owner of the hotel where the water garden was vanished. Word was, the“Irish Mafia” closed him down. The hotel along with my pet water garden was torn down. So: With money being rather important for survival, I started building back water garden work along with some pruning and planting after moving to Acton. For the last several years business has been growing very nicely. Water garden maintenance has been the mainstay of the business, although in 2013 I was involved in the construction of 3 new water features.

David Vernon Sibel Sr. 2017